Don’t just exist, live.

Hey there ! Its been quite some time to my last blog post. It’s even been quite a while since I started blogging, almost two years!

Why did I start blogging? Well, to begin with, I finished my undergrad in Bachelor in Design specialising in Fashion Communication around 2017. When I was in the cusp of just having finished a degree and going abroad for my MBA studies, I had a good 8 months or so in my hand.

Not one to sit ideal and also going through some personal moments of fighting depression and anxiety, I decided to combine my love for writing, Fashion and Carrie!

Having come from a Fashion Communication and Design background and having worked in the Indian fashion industry quite a bit during fashion shows and having assisted fashion bloggers, I realised that while the trend of body positivity was slowly but surely being raised, it still wasn’t filtering at a deep root level.

Sure, I live in a country with 1.2 billion people and twice the amount of insecurities and body shaming when it came to women and men, and yet we were still a market where products and fashion choices were literally carving that out of us and making it a business model.

All I wanted to do, was address this gap in the market, be able to filter in even if it meant reaching out to a 1000 people and making an impact and influence – and I mean an actual influence, even if it means I was impactful to the lives of 10 people, thats enough for me.

I have come a long way since then – I have personally evolved and gone through many life phases, lands and time zones and what started initially as a platform to influence and make every size feel inclusive in fashion and exclusive in beauty – I strongly believe that with time, we should let other aspects of oneself to flourish as well.

You would see how over time, the blog has evolved with a Travel and Culture angle as well, along with Fashion and Lifestyle – and with the new name and site upgrade – it became inevitable to add “Relationships” as well!

I believe a lot of our adulting and growing up phases include different relationships that we come across, that shape and form our personalities and can often leave a deep impact in our development. It’s important to realise that we need to be able to channel out and view such experiences in all its entirety – that life in itself is a journey of taking away lessons and growing through it.

So, to sum it up – while promoting body positivity and encouraging breaking stereotypes – the blog goes a step ahead and takes a whole circle approach – from fashion and beauty, to travel and culture as well as relationships – this is a safe place with no judgements and no labels of any kind!

And on an ending note – if you are reading this – believe me when I say I know how much different aspects of our life and toxic influences or relations (be it of any kind) can shape and influence our appearance and choices and affect our mental health! In some way, one of the main reasons I wanted to blog was to bridge the gap between body and mind through the path of fashion, style and culture!



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