The Moody Suburban Girl is a Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle and Relationship blog that tries to capture the vibe of the millennial generation. Started initially under the name of Wildberrychild by Adhisa Ghosh, the blog now has been reinvented with a wider perspective.

The blog continues to spread its original message of body positivity that goes to seek acceptance beyond self.

Adhisa Ghosh is an Indian blogger/writer/fashion communication graduate with a specialised MBA in Luxury Brand Management from IFA Paris. Apart from having a different aspect of her life, she still likes to keep her passion for writing, styling and empowering women in one platform.

Adhisa says – “If you have stumbled upon this blog – hear me out. Don’t leave with that frown! You are light and positivity and you are loved even when you think there is no one thinking about you, someone always is.”

You are not broken, you’re becoming

How they make you feel
says a lot about them
and nothing about you. 

Trust me when I say someone who makes you question
if you are worthy of being loved
is not worthy of being loved by you.

Words by Bianca Sparacino